Message from the heart -
For everyone's health

We were always looking for opportunities about how to make people’s life better and easier. That’s why when we came across an excellent idea, we embraced it. Based upon 30 years of research results and our decades of experience as medical equipment manufacterer, we made WIWE a reality.

The division of diagnostic devices is new to us, even so we threw ourselves into it with huge energy and enthusiasm.

Our goal wasn’t the producing of just one product. We intended to make such home diagnostics tools, which purpose is to remind us to take care of our and our loved ones' health in today’s world.

Ákos Szabó

Technical Director

I resolutely belive that what we developed is an innovative, medical diagnostics device which can be used by anyone, anywhere – let them be senior or young, doctor or patient.

Throughout the planning we tried to develop the WIWE to be as small and thin as it could be, so you can take it with you anytime, anywhere, without noticing its presence.

Attila Kovács


WIWE is advantageous to everybody.

My job is to make sure that all health conscious people get a valid, technically stable, state of the art and certified medical device.

Adrienn Soltész


The most that a mother can do for her children is to teach them the importance of health. I want my own life to be a good example for them. This is why I’m so proud, that I’m responsible for the production of the WIWE. I do my best in my job, just like with my children. Teaching them health consciousness is the responsibility of every parent and WIWE greatly helps with that.

Kinga Inancsik

Customer service

The WIWE is an innovative device of premium cathegory, which is capable of saving the lifes of You and Your loved ones. As a customer service representative my cause is to give you information about the WIWE quickly and easily. I am looking forward to contacting You! 

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József Farkas

Managing Director

The Sanatmetal company has proved itself in the area of steel implants. Now we challenge the second leading cause of death in the world, the stroke and the sudden cardiac death. The WIWE can prevent these diseases! I’m not just managing the development of a new diagnostic divison, but helping the „birth” of a worldwide new device.

The variety of our team guarantees, that WIWE and also our future products will be well thought out and easy to use. Most importantly, they’ll be home diagnostics products to make people's lives easier.

We’ve got vast amount of both expertise and experience: next to the actual WIWE team a part of Sanatmetal also takes part in the project. We work together with the inventor Professor György Kozmann and his team and also with doctors from big clinics.


SANATMETAL, 50 years of service in health care

„The aim of Sanatmetal – whose name means medical metal – is to contribute to the cure of people with high standard traumatologic, spine and dental implants, joint replacement prosthesises, innovative devices, cooperating with and learning from world-leader multinational companies while reaching profit, which assures continuous renewal. Performing all this in good harmony with the environment and guaranteeing the employees the pleasure and rewarding feeling of working for Sanatmetal Ltd.”

(Company philosophy, 2010)